Release Process

  1. Bump version number in pyproject.toml and hwilib/, generate the file, and git tag release

  2. Build distribution archives for PyPi with contrib/

  3. For MacOS and Linux, use contrib/ This needs to be run on a macOS machine for the macOS binary and on a Linux machine for the linux one.

  4. For Windows, use contrib/ to build the Windows binary using wine

  5. Make SHA256SUMS.txt using contrib/

  6. Make SHA256SUMS.txt.asc using gpg --clearsign SHA256SUMS.txt

  7. Upload distribution archives to PyPi

  8. Upload distribution archives and standalone binaries to Github

Deterministic builds with Docker

Create the docker images:

docker build --no-cache -t hwi-builder -f contrib/build.Dockerfile .
docker build --no-cache -t hwi-wine-builder -f contrib/build-wine.Dockerfile .

# arm64
sudo apt-get install qemu-user-static
docker buildx build --no-cache --platform linux/arm64 -t hwi-builder-arm64 -f contrib/build.Dockerfile .

Build everything:

docker run -it --name hwi-builder -v $PWD:/opt/hwi --rm  --workdir /opt/hwi hwi-builder /bin/bash -c "contrib/ && contrib/"
docker run -it --name hwi-wine-builder -v $PWD:/opt/hwi --rm  --workdir /opt/hwi hwi-wine-builder /bin/bash -c "contrib/"
docker run --platform linux/arm64 -it --rm --name hwi-builder-arm64 -v $PWD:/opt/hwi --workdir /opt/hwi hwi-builder-arm64 /bin/bash -c "contrib/ --without-gui && contrib/ --without-gui"


Building macOS binary

Note that the macOS build is non-deterministic.

First install pyenv using whichever method you prefer.

Then a deterministic build of Python 3.9.17 needs to be installed. This can be done with the patch in contrib/reproducible-python.diff. First cd into HWI’s source tree. Then use:

cat contrib/reproducible-python.diff | PYTHON_CONFIGURE_OPTS="--enable-framework" BUILD_DATE="Jan  1 2019" BUILD_TIME="00:00:00" pyenv install -kp 3.9.17

Make sure that python 3.9.17 is active:

$ python --version
Python 3.9.17

Now install Poetry with pip install poetry

Additional dependencies can be installed with:

brew install libusb

Build the binaries by using contrib/